Connected Kenya Summit was first held in 2009. Over the years the summit has continued to bring together industry players from the Private and Public Sector. The Summit offers a platform where the industry players, government, innovators and other stakeholders mingle freely, share and exchange ideas on how ICT can continue to be a catalyst of service delivery to citizens.

The Summit has continued to tackle topical issues in the industry. The 2015 theme, for example, was “Strength In Our Networks” while the theme for Connected Kenya Summit 2016 was “Bridging the service gap”. The theme aimed at addressing the increasing number of communities and organizations that are engaged in cross-border activities. The Connected Summit intended to begin the discussion on the various information technology platforms that can enable the flow of goods, services and content within the region in Africa and the rest of the world.

Theme: “Shaping the future”

Conference Overview

The digital revolution in Kenya can now be confirmed. The growth of mobile telephony and mobile money transfer in particular has seen new economic sectors arise. The employee of the future is already here using mobile platforms to satisfy their employers. The distinction between banks and mobile network operators, for example, continue to diminish. This development provides additional economic interactions, raises new frontiers, questions and invites novel responses from regulatory to operational interventions.

The fact that private entities in this era actively collect and keep a lot of citizens’ data is a case in point. The storage and utilization of this data becomes a concern. How the data is collected, stored, processed and used soon become inputs to the quest by both Government and private entities on its exploitation.

By deliberating on efforts to date and examining lessons learnt, delegates at Connected Summit 2017 will explore and identify issues that arise and the need to be addressed in order to better harness the data resource on citizens.


Venue: Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort, Diani, Kwale County

Venue Dates:9th April – 13th April 2017



  • To share knowledge, case studies, best practice and lessons learnt based on experiences in the area of citizens’ data To develop and agree recommend policy, regulatory and operational interventions necessary to ensure management of citizens’ data for mutual benefit (Government and Private Sector)
  • Charter a future Kenya of economic prosperity using ICTs based on review of achievements and lessons learnt in both public and private sector
  • Provide a platform for meaningful networking that will result in fruitful relationships that contribute to economic development.