Theme:“Building for prosperity”


Track 1: Harnessing ICT for economic growth through Manufacturing

  • Technical innovations in Manufacturing
  • The machine-to-machine (M2M) economy/ Artificial Intelligence
  • Government use case and fintech/online Banking/m-Banking
  • Data- driven: the use of data in manufacturing
  • 3D printing: the use of 3D printers for digital designs and prototypes
  • Augmented reality: the use of augmented reality to develop production lines and or hands on training.

Track 2: Innovations in ICT that enable food security

  • ICT & Agriculture
  • Research & Innovation on Food Security
  • Internet of Things/Internet of Everything
  • Agribusiness innovation and online presence
  • Using technology to track a product from the farm to the manufacturer to the retailer to the consumer
  • ICT Applications for farmers: to access markets, to access farm inputs, to access help.

Track 3: Facilitating the delivery of affordable Housing

  • Policy and regulation. Integrating ICT into Housing Infrastructure
  • Digitizing land records
  • Open data for lands & Housing
  • ICT and urban service delivery/ urban planning- provision of green spaces, mapping of utilities
  • ICT and social infrastructure improvement/ security

Track 4: Attaining Universal Healthcare

  • Policy and regulation on service delivery of universal healthcare
  • The era of Tele- medicine
  • Artificial intelligence for surgery
  • Integrated insurance provider services
  • Tracking systems for drugs driven by demand