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About Connected Summit

The Connected Summit convenes top-tier global ICT thought leaders, policymakers, and champions, to foster innovative ideas and partnerships that leverage technology through high-level discussions that inspire nvestments and drive progress in the realization of a shared Development Agenda.

Since its launch in 2009, the Connected Summit has become a premier forum for industry, government, academia, and other stakeholders to collaborate, build capacity, and share knowledge about the latest developments in ICT and innovation. Organized jointly by the Ministry of Information Communiation and Digital Economy, Innovation, and Youth Affairs and the ICT Authority, in collaboration with private sector players, the summit aims to link and hasten the implementation of government IT projects to world-class standards. It has also become the largest networking event in Kenya's technology space, with a remarkable mix of high-profile speakers from government, policy makers, and leading ICT industry players.

Each year, the summit showcases a range of cutting-edge technology demos, thought leadership discussions, and other events that spur Kenya's digital aspirations and foster critical relationships between the private and public sectors. It has shaped the ICT inclusivity and accelerated economic development in Kenya and beyond. For example, ground-breaking projects like the Kenya Open Data Initiative, Huduma Centers, and the E-Citizen portal, were all discussed and refined at Connected Kenya. Other successes include the Digital Literacy Program, National Fibre Optic Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI), Ajira Digital, and Presidential Digital Talent Program.

With themes ranging from "Great Minds Come Together" in 2009 to "Preserving Culture. Pioneering Technology" in 2018, the Connected Summit has driven the development of the ICT ecosystem in Kenya, spurring ICT investments, increasing partnerships between government and the private sector, and facilitating the development of innovative solutions that have transformed public service delivery and employment opportunities for youth across the country.