Connected Africa
Summit 2024

Digital Africa: Unlocking Growth Beyond Connectivity

21st - 25th April 2024
Nairobi, Kenya

The Connected Africa Summit 2024 is not just an event; it is a transformative initiative poised to shape the digital destiny of Africa.

Why Attend


Engage with top-tier industry leaders, government officials, and innovators, fostering valuable connections that drive collaboration and growth.

Why Attend


Position your organisation at the forefront of Africa's digital transformation, exploring strategic investment opportunities and forging impactful partnerships.

Why Attend


Be part of shaping the future of Africa's digital landscape, contributing to transformative initiatives, and unlocking new possibilities for innovation and sustainable development.

The Summit

Strategic Outcomes

The summit aims to forge a transformative path for Africa’s digital future, charting the course that spurs growth, connectivity, and innovation, culminating in strategic outcomes that leave a lasting impact.

Digital Inclusion Charter

Develop a collaborative Digital Inclusion Charter, charting a strategic roadmap for achieving zero digital exclusion across African nations by 2030.

Economic Acceleration Commitment

Secure commitments from ICT Ministers to fast-track key economic agendas, fostering a conducive environment for digital innovation and sustainable growth.

Investment Nexus

Forge a powerful investment nexus, uniting global investors with African countries, amplifying opportunities for strategic partnerships and sustainable economic development.

Smart Governance Blue Print

Create a blueprint for smart governance, catalyzing the adoption of revolutionary e-services that enhance public services and citizen engagement.

Digital Trade Outcomes

Facilitate the expansion of digital trade, leveraging AFCTA pilots to create a transformative impact on cross-border commerce and economic integration.

MSEs and Solution Developer Hub

Establish a dynamic hub for digital Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) and African solution developers, providing them with a platform to thrive and contribute to the digital economy.

Facilitating Digital Trade

Create strategic mechanisms and platforms to facilitate digital trade, promoting efficient and secure transactions within the African digital ecosystem.

The Summit

Scheduled Events

Bringing together African Heads of State, Ministers of ICT, public sector representatives, private sector leaders, academia, foreign missions, development partners, sponsors, delegates, and thought leaders, the summit ensures a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue that reflects the diversity of Africa.

Golf Tournament

Swing into Connectivity at our Golf Tournament, teeing up digital connections and networking excellence on the vibrant greens, a day blending sport and business synergy.

Plenary Sessions

Chart Africa's Digital Journey in insightful Plenary Sessions. Join thought leaders shaping our digital destiny, exploring innovation, and paving the way for continent-wide growth.

Breakout Sessions

Navigate Africa's Digital Frontiers in our Breakout Sessions. Dive deep into dialogues, exploring solutions, and unlocking the potential for digital growth across the continent.


Step into a Digital Landscape of Possibilities at our Pavilion. Showcasing innovation across diverse pavilions, connect with Africa's digital present and future in one dynamic space.

Meetings & Signing

Explore Digital Solutions for Africa's Growth in our Meetings and Signings. Witness strategic collaborations shaping the future of the continent's digital development.


Celebrate at our Evening of Celebrations and Connectivity. Honor excellence in digital innovation, recognizing Africa's trailblazers shaping the future of the continent's digital landscape.

Side Events

Specialised events and meetings ensure a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Networking Sessions

Throughout the summit, participants engage in Networking Sessions, including lunches, cocktails, dinners, and fireside chats fostering valuable connections.